Friday, June 22, 2007


Here are five of twelve in a series I did on women omitting the eyes so one could only see the physical for to look into the eyes one would see the person and most don't want to commit to that. Size: 48x44


I took two seperit photos and put them together for this one painting. Size: 36x48


The name of the painting says it all. This was quite a challenge but I feel I pulled it off.
Size: 48x48"


Your beginning to see my madness and my love of photo-real...


Just a friend. A very special friend. Size: 34x 52"


Great place for burgers and they had about four or five cars from the fifties setting out there.
Size: 42x38


See the grill in this... There are three to four different colors in each of the one-thousand four-hundred thirty-two squares in this grill... You ask " How come you know that" I answer back to you... BECAUSE I HAD TO RE-PAINT IT THREE TIMES... "Madness" Size: 48x48"


This is outside of Johny Rockets in Beverly Hills and they said I couldn't go in to photograph it, but I could stand in front of the window and take the shot... And so five weeks ten to twelve hours a day this is what you get. Size: 40x50